BMA Belting has gone green!


BMA_waterReduced Water Usage

A huge problem with our industry is the amount of water wasted on vulcanising a belt. Did you know that each time a belt is vulcanised in a joining press, it can use anywhere between 20-80 litres of water to cool the press down depending on the size? BMA Beltinga calculated that over thousands of vulcanised belts produced, the amount of water wasted would calculate over 750,000 litres per year.


In order to stop wasting water, Brendma has taken the following measures:

  • $250,000 investment in new air cooled vulcanisers, eliminating the need to use water to cool down belts joined up to 1,200mm wide
  • For anything over 1,200mm wide which still requires water cooled technology, a 200 litre water tank has been set up to pump the used water back into the tank and cool it down to 50°C so it can be reused

This has resulted in a more environmentally friendly practice, especially in our head office where each belt vulcaniser is connected to the solar panel renewable energy network.

BMA_EnergyRenewable Energy

The Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme set by the Australian government is designed to ensure that 20% of Australia’s electricity comes from renewable sources by the year 2020.

BMA Belting has decided to become a part of this target in an effort to combat climate change. Our head factory in Auburn NSW recently invested in producing renewable energy for all of its equipment by installing 106 solar panels, connected to a 25kw inverter. This German made design was installed in late 2014, and will help the head office and factory generate off grid, clean renewable energy for at least the next 30 years.

BMA_RecyclingRecycling Program

All of BMA Belting’s factories have implemented a recycling program, which has helped convert 65% of usual waste into reusable material. Materials that are recycled include paper and cardboard, plastic film and wrap, polystyrene, timber and metals. This saves on average over 560 cubic metres of waste going into landfill.

BMA Belting greatly supports the worldwide movement in changing to renewable energy and implementing environmentally friendly solutions.

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