Industrial Timing Belts

Large Range of Industrial Timing Belts

In recent years, BMA Belting have invested heavily to become one of Australia’s largest industrial timing belt distributors. Teaming up with many of the world’s leading manufacturers, BMA Belting stock and sell all standard sized rubber and polyurethane timing belts, with fast same day and next day delivery Australia wide.

Brendma Timing Belts Advantages

Advantages of the BMA Belting timing belt range include:

  • Non-slip positive performance – Belt pulley compatibility and close manufacturing tolerances assure that belt teeth mesh precisely with pulley grooves for constant output speed without skipping, vibration or speed variation.
  • Double sided symmetry – All double sided belts are designed for synchronised serpentine drives, providing smooth precise performance under exacting drive conditions. The precision molding process assures ‘mirror image’ symmetry.
  • Low Maintenance/Economical Operation – never requires re-tensioning or lubricants therefore no downtime or maintenance.
  • Low Tension Requirements – Does not require high tensioning, therefore bearing loads are minimised, resulting in longer bearing and motor life
  • Wide range of load capacities and speeds – Design variety allows you to make a choice on the right belt for your application. Speeds can vary up to 10,000 rpm. All our stock can cater for your requirements
  • Clean, quiet operation – Noise and vibration are kept to a minimum. Clean operation is ideal for contamination sensitive machines.